There is so much more to attracting and retaining staff than posting want ads and beating competitor wages by $0.10 an hour.


Lately it all comes down to marketing. Marketing your self, your business, your world. This word now comes up in relation to finding qualified and entry-level employees. Marketing your business to attract employees.

  • Post your employment opening on wantjobgotjob.com
  • Place an ad on your web-site
  • Place an ad in the local newspaper
  • Use your staff - ask for referrals
  • Train and promote from within - then hire entry level positions
  • Career and job fairs

At the end of the day, you are not only selling recruits on the job, you are selling them on the way of life in the Wainwright region. Make it a comfortable experience for them.

Labour Market Information - A Practical Guide (3.29MB) Adobe Reader required.

For owners, employers, supervisors and manages of business and organizaions, including not-for-profit agencies, who are aiming to achieve great productivity and competitiveness in their enterprise.  Its intent is to increase awareness of Labour Market Information (LMI):  its use and practical application.  LMI covers a wide range of topics and issues: the economy, demographics, trends, industry activity, occuptional forecasts and technology.

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A recent IPSOs-Reid Survey on Employee Hiring and Retention had some interesting results: 

What employees suggest to attract and retain them: Top 5 reasons for staying in a job:
  1. financial incentives: higher pay /benefit
  2. sone extra week vacation
  3. other benefits: including educational
  4. sabbatical, health club membership
  5. working from home (at least 1 day/wk)
  6. different job responsibilities
  7. shorter work week
  8. less formal work environment
   1.  like the work
   2.  like the co-workers
   3.  like the company
   4.   learning a lot
   5.   salary satisfaction (Yes, this is in order of preference)
What students look for in a job: How students look for work:
   1.   Variety of tasks 51%
   2.   Challenging work 44%
   3.   Opportunities to learn 44%
   4.   Salary 44%
   5.   Job Security 36%
   6.   Opportunities for promotion 36%
   7.   Work/life balance 32%
   8.   Company vision/mission 32%
   1.  existing contacts—who you know
   2.  campus recruitment seminars
   3.  corporate websites
   4.  job-based job boards
   5.  career fairs
   6.  print media ads (no wonder the traditional way is not working)

Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry    Alberta Employment and Immigration

The department of Alberta Employment and Immigrantion is building Alberta's workforce by:

  • Informing people about Alberta's labour market, employment standards and workplace issues
  • Attracting workers into Alberta's labour force and workplace's
  • Developing the skills and knowledge of Albertans and supporting high performance workplace's
  • Retaining workers in Alberta's labour force