In today’s labor market, using perks to recruit and retain employees is one of the strategies employers are implementing.  Employers need to be creative, they need to identify what their employees would consider a perk or benefit. Job postings that include these will receive more responses. Show me you care!

  • Recruitment Bonuses

As a means of not only enticing workers to their organization, many employers are using the idea of a signing bonus to ensure a commitment of the employee to stay longer term. In some cases, workers coming from outside of the region need some extra money to assist in their transition, such as a damage deposit if they are renting accommodations, money for clothing or safety apparel required for their position, and other miscellaneous items.

In some cases, the ‘signing bonus’ is used to commit the employee for a period of three, six, or nine months, depending on the amount. If the employee leaves earlier, an agreement is drafted prior for the employee to pay the money back.

Some employers offer a bonus periodically throughout the year (every quarter) in exchange for a commitment by the employee to stay for that set period of time.

  • Securing Employment for Spouse

In an effort to attract the right person to their organization, particularly someone from outside of the immediate area, employers are paying attention to the employment needs of that person’s spouse or significant other. In an effort to secure the person that fits well with their organization, businesses are also attempting to secure a position for the wife or the husband of that employee.

  • Scholarships for Children

To recruit a family person, offering a scholarship for the offspring of that individual can go a long way in landing the right person for the job, and keeping them. As with a recruitment or signing bonus, the scholarship would be tied to a longer-term commitment from the person, otherwise it would be revoked.

  • Host Periodic Staff Celebrations/Retreats/Recreational Outings

Obviously, the more fun a staff person has with their work environment, the more loyal they become, and the more they want to work for you. Forming a staff hockey or slow-pitch team, having an family picnic or two for all employees and their families during the summer months, or even bringing a catered meal or snack to a crew’s work site on occasion are just some ideas that create an air of interest and enjoyment for new people.

  • Facilitating the Transition for New Recruits

For people new to the region, the first month or two is a huge adjustment for them and their family, particularly if they’ve relocated a long way from their previous home. Helping with making the transition means a lot, including helping with locating appropriate accommodations, having a structured list of community medical services for them, making available information on schools and educational opportunities for grade school and post-secondary students, and highlighting some cultural and recreational opportunities are all helpful.