The Wainwright region is growing in every aspect, the need for quality staff is across the board. Below you will find just some of the employment trends in the area, not in any particular order:


Oilfield The oilfield, in the Wainwright and Provost Region, continue to be extremely active.Truck Drivers There is continual need for a variety of trade workers especially heavy-duty mechanics, rig workers, and equipment operators. Transportation drivers are in high demand both with Class 3 and Class 1 licenses. Employers are looking to fill a number of laborer positions, both entry-level and experienced workers. The demand of this industry requires workers to be prepared to work long hours and to be flexible to go where the work is.


Health ServicesXray Technicans
PharmacistsWith the increasing population in Wainwright Region, professional health are in demand. East Central Health has continual postings, at the Wainwright, and Provost Health Centers, for such positions as Registered Nurses, Mental Health Therapists, Radiation Technicians, Pharmacists, etc. There are also opportunities for supportive services at these Centers.

Other Health Services, such as dental and optical, have continual need for assistive positions.


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Due to the activity in the oilfield/ construction industries and the opening of new restaurants, there are continual advertisements for cooks, servers, front desk attendants, and housekeepers. Experience is an asset but there is the opportunity for anyone looking to gain experience. Customer service skills are essential to being successful.

TechnicanWith the increased activities in the oilfield and construction, as well asPainters increased development at the Wainwright Canadian Forces Base, there is great opportunity for those looking to work in the Trades. There is a demand for trades such as electricians, plumbers, and mechanics.

Plumbers and electricians are just two of the trades areas benefiting from the enormous growth in both residential & commercial construction in the Wainwright region. As well, home renovation & home repair specialists are also in demand. Other trade areas in demand include mechanics, instrumentation technicians, and equipment operators.

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LawyersLawyers, accountants, and trained medical personnel are just some of the professional areas in need in the Wainwright region. Many professional firms are looking for people to help keep up with increasing caseloads, as the burgeoning business community continues.

Technical Design and Support Personnel
Graphic Designers & Web DevelopersGraphic designers and web developers are increasingly in demand in Wainwright, as a result of the increased service level stemming directly and indirectly from the primary industries, as well as the number of new businesses establishing in the area. As well, telecommunication specialists are in short supply.


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Administrative Support
As with many of the other growing employment areas, new business demands administrative and front-line personnel. People in this field can have their pick as to the sector in which they would like to work.


General Labourers and Entry-Level Positions

General LabourerA host of opportunities are available for someone looking to gain experience in a particular field and work their way up in that industry. This includes industrial, retail, hospitality & accommodations and service.