Forecasts suggest Alberta will be short 85,000 workers over the next 10 years. All Indications suggest Alberta's labour shortage will last for many years.  Hiring foreign workers is one strategy employers are using to solve the labour issue.

Hiring Foreign Workers - A Guide for Central Alberta Employers

There are 2 kinds of workers you can get from outside of Canada: temporary foreign workers and permanent workers (otherwise called immigrants). The process for hiring a temporary foreign worker is faster so if you need a worker quickly, go the temporary foreign worker route. Later on, if you are satisfied with the temporary foreign worker and he/she wants to stay in Canada permanently, you can recommend him/her for permanent status through one of the immigration programs.

Note:  98% of employers recruit using temporary programs first  

You may recruit both skilled and low-skilled workers from other countries - with a few conditions.

  • First, the government expects Canadian citizens to get a chance at any jobs available in Canada so you must show that you have tried to recruit Canadians first.
  • Second, under most programs, the government will check to ensure that the jobs you are hiring for are in occupations with identified worker shortages. (A Labour Market Opinion is the official term).
  • Lastly, the foreign worker you hire must be qualified to do the work. This is especially important in regulated occupations such as certified trades.

Note:  There are quotas on all programs for foreign workers - so apply early.

The following document lays out the steps needed to take if you are interested in hiring foreign workers.

Hiring Foreign Workers.pdf (148 KM) Adobe Reader required

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